About Us

The End Prostitution Now (EPN) Campaign is a coalition of national and local organisations from across Scotland. These include the Trafficking Awareness Raising Alliance, Women’s Support Project, Community Safety Glasgow, Rape Crisis Scotland, and Zero Tolerance.

Local support comes from Encompass, a network of Scottish services which provide direct support to women and men involved in prostitution and from a range of other services, organisations and partnerships, including Rape Crisis Centres, Child Protection Committees, Soroptomists and Church groups, and Violence against Women Partnerships.

The Campaign is endorsed by the National Violence Against Women Network and the Office of the Children’s Commissioner.

Our Position on Prostitution

Millions of women and girls around the world are harmed by commercial sexual exploitation, primarily through prostitution and trafficking for the purpose of prostitution.

In line with the Scottish Government, EPN views commercial sexual exploitation as part of the wider continuum of violence against women and girls and recognises that such violence, globally and in Scotland, is rooted in gender inequality.

We fully support the decriminalisation of women and men sexually exploited through prostitution, but do not support the system of prostitution which exploits them.

We support Equally Safe, the Scottish Government's strategy to prevent and eradicate violence against women and girls i.e. we want to prevent and eradicate the harm of prostitution. We want to live in a Scotland founded on gender equality, which sends a clear message that gender-based violence, in any form, is fundamentally unacceptable within our society.

We are emphatically against the wholesale decriminalisation or legalisation of the sex industry, which serves only to legitimise the systematic abuse of women in prostitution by buyers, pimps, brothel owners, organised criminals and traffickers.
Where else in law would you seek to decriminalise or legalise the actions of those who profit or benefit from the exploitation of others?

We support existing legislation in Scotland that holds men to account for perpetrating abuse against women and children and wish to see this extended to secure comprehensive legislation in Scotland which would:

  • decriminalise individuals exploited through prostitution
  • provide long term support and exiting services for those exploited
  • criminalise the buyers of sex in all settings - on street, off street and online
  • Target those who profit from prostitution such as pimps, managers and brothel keepers