Challenging Demand information and campaigns

Abolish Prostitution Now
Includes statement by prostitution survivors

Coalition Against Trafficking in Women (CATW)
Resources and campaigns on prostitution and trafficking

End Demand UK
Campaign calling on the UK government to end demand for sex trafficking and exploitation through prostitution by adopting the Sex Buyer Law.

Equality Now
Identifies the demand to buy sex as the driving force behind prostitution and trafficking

European Women’s Lobby – together for a Europe free from prostitution
Campaign resources and information on ‘The Brussel’s Call’

Prostitution Research and Education
Research and resources on prostitution and trafficking

Turn off the Red Light. End Prostitution and Trafficking in Ireland
Campaign to criminalise the purchase of sex.

EVE – (formerly exploited voices now educating)
This survivor led non-profit organisation aims to highlight prostitution as violence against women and calls for its abolition.

Stop Demand
A campaign aiming to provide education and resources to stop all forms of sexual violence, sexual exploitation and sexual denigration of women and children in New Zealand.

Social Media Links

Abolish Prostitution Now

End Prostitution Now

Nordic Model Advocates

Scottish Coalition Against Sexual Exploitation

Invisible Men
Project using words used by men to ‘review’ their experiences with women in prostitution.
Warning includes sexual content and women hating language.

Asian Women Coalition Ending Prostitution
Based in Canada and working to end prostitution.

Reports and articles

Prostitution cannot be squared with Human Rights or the equality of women, Dianne Post, 2013

Prostitution and Trafficking in nine countries: update on violence and posttraumatic stress
Journal of Trauma Practice 2 (3 / 4): 33- 74. 2003

Elected Member Briefing Note on Commercial Sexual Exploitation, Improvement Service, Scotland, 2010

The effects of the Swedish ban on the purchase of sexual services. March 8 Initiative, 2012

Report on sexual exploitation and prostitution and its impact on gender equality from the Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality European Parliament.